Countdown to The Apprentice: One Week

I make no apologies for my love of the BBC’s version of The Apprentice, and I was excited to read this morning that it will begin on 25 March – that’s one week from today! – on BBC1! I got hooked on the US version in it’s first run when I was in my last year at Duke and have enjoyed Sir Alan Sugar’s series much more than Donald Trump. Trump seemed to try too hard to be flashy. Sugar actually wants to hire someone.

I don’t typically follow reality shows (other than last summer’s tonsillitis-inspired addiction to Channel 4’s Big Brother), but this one I get hooked to. A lot of it is the escape it provides me from the routine of the week. It gives me something to look forward to and takes me away from the problems of church life. It’s also something to talk about with others as well! Everyone needs this sort of thing in their life – whether reality TV or something else!

So, it all begins in a week!


3 thoughts on “Countdown to The Apprentice: One Week

  1. The apprentice, not my kind of viewing but I agree that we need something to talk about with others as …

    sometimes I feel that I am trapped in a Methodist cocoon of maddness… arrgh!!!

  2. Paul: Completely agree! I only compared Sir Alan with Donald Trump. Sir Alan can be forgiven some when compared with Trump!

    Sally: You have expressed my thoughts exactly in your second statement. I could not have said it better myself!

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