At Week’s End

Duke are the ACC Champions! Being at church, I only got to watch the first half. It was clearly not as exciting as the previous games, but I will take a strong win! Congratulations to the Blue Devils!

This afternoon, the Blackburn Circuit welcomed David Walton for a Circuit service to celebrate the work with Asylum Seekers and Refugees. The testimonies we heard from were really good, and shattered images I often have when thinking of Asylum Seekers. After the service, I spoke with David for a few minutes and he mentioned he had come across my blog. That’s always scary! It was good to meet him.

This evening’s Lent Study Course generated some great discussion on sharing the faith (we are using Nick Fawcett’s book, Spot the Difference).  The book itself handled the subject great, and got us thinking beyond the normal ‘methods of evangelism’, but asked why we do what we do.

All About April
Great news for April: Ofsted week is over, and they received an outstanding! So, April has been able to relax this weekend. She has also fought off whatever virus got her this week. It’s good to see her back to normal!

Savannah Says
With all the talk of Duke this week, Savannah has picked up on it, too. Whenever there is ANY sport on television, she immediately points and shouts, ‘Duke! Duke!’ So, she is learning early. We did have to explain to her that the light blue coloured team on TV was definitely NOT Duke, but the evil Tarheels. That will come with time.

Savannah also got mouthy during the service at Mellor this morning. Her friend Nicholas was not doing as she was demanding and got in trouble. She responded by making noises at April right before the communion service. I finally, standing at the communion table ready to begin, had to say, ‘Savannah, you’ve made your point. Thank you.’ She then was quiet for the rest of the service. I continued only to have one of my older and more deaf members start talking to her neighbour! I didn’t dare tell her the same thing I told Savannah!

Savannah is still pushing boundaries, and has had some trips to the ‘naughty step’. She picks strange times not to want her nappy (diaper) changed and then there is the battle of clean-up. She will intentionally slow down and pick up her box one at a time. The hardest part is not to laugh when she makes faces at you. She is a good girl, though.

The Week Ahead
Two church councils this week. Prayers are welcome!


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