Links on Friday

Alan R. Bevere posted the Weekly Roundup of the Methobloggosphere. See what Methodists around the world are saying!

Alan has also written a post on the cross and though Christ died in our place, Christ invites us to participate in the cross.

Ben Myers of Faith & Theology asks if our hymns are getting stupider, reminding us that the hymns from the past we sing are the ones that are the ones that lasted.

Ben Witherington wades into territory sure to have people take potshots at him – the ecomony. BW3 attempts to look at the crises biblically, and in the comments one can be sure that people who disagree with him will be sure to tell him that theologians have no business talking about the economy and should stick to theology (did anyone ever tell Jesus that? probably, but he didn’t seem to listen).

Kevin Watson at deeplycommitted wonders if Methodists have lost their emphasis on entire sanctification.

Sally at Eternal Echoes writes a beautiful post on Jade Goody’s baptism (for Americans: Goody rose to fame through reality show Big Brother and was one of the few that became famous. She turned infamous for her crude way of behaving, culminating in a Celebrity Big Brother in which she was charged with racist bullying of an Asian contestant. She is now dying of cancer.)


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