At Week’s End

No need to speak about the Carolina game. Let’s move on.

The First Week of Lent is over. It seems to be going quite fast, but a lot has been going on to speed it up. Langho Methodist Church has begun meetings with the District Review Team. The team met with church leaders this week and have a meeting planned for the whole church later this month. I haven’t mentioned this on the blog – Langho voted to ‘cease to meet’ last November, and this begins the process. It will be a painful time for this little church, but factors that are affecting all churches in England have caught up with us.

Wilpshire is trying to find its ministry. The planned meeting I wrote about earlier regarding youth work did take place – well, sort of. The lady who called the meeting was a no-show, but rang earlier to say she was at work and forgot. So, we had our own meeting with the folk from Wilpshire that did show up. We also had input from a couple of kids who came with their parents. We are going to look at possibilities at doing our own youth work or children’s work (a la Messy Church).

Savannah Says
Savannah is saying more and more. Two funny stories. The first, she was in the bath one night. I walked in and she said, ‘Want kiss!’ (which she pronounces ‘keesh’). I gave her a kiss and April asked for one. Savannah said, ‘No.’ So, I gave April a kiss. Savannah looked at us and said, ‘No! Mine!’ Then said, ‘Daddy, keesh!’

The second story: I walked into the lounge where Savannah had a notebook and pen, standing beside April. April said, ‘She is speaking to me intently about something.’ Remembering something I read in her book from nursery, ‘I said she’s being a waitress.’ As I said that, she toddled over to me, still talking and holding her pad and pen. I said, ‘I would like a coffee please.’ She said ‘Yes,’ and tore off for the kitchen. I didn’t get my coffee, though!

All About April
It’s been a hugely busy week for April. OFSTED hits her college this week. OFSTED is the regulatory and assessment body educational institutions. You can imagine there is a lot of anxiety around the college. April has spent all week and weekend preparing for what’s to come. She will appreciate the prayers!

The Week Ahead
For April, OFSTED. For me, more meetings and working on my paper for the class at Durham. For Savannah, loving life of play – oh, and an eye appointment because I am an overprotective father in some ways!


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