Quirk in the Wesley Study Bible

Shane Raynor of the Wesley Report finds theological inconsistencies with the notes. I find numerical errors in the contents.

I will be the first to admit that once I get to Daniel, I get bogged down in the order of the minor prophets. So, I have to go to the contents to find which page. With it being Ash Wednesday tomorrow, I have been looking up Joel (one of the OT readings). The contents says page 1071, but that is page two of Hosea.  That sent me back to the contents, which Daniel is the last book to be correct before Obadiah on page 1103.

So, does this take away anything to the argument about the bible’s inerrancy?


5 thoughts on “Quirk in the Wesley Study Bible

  1. Since God is perfect, whatever God inspires must be perfect and without error. Since it would be an error not to include a Table of Contents in a book, & since a book without a Table of Contents would be considered defective (whereas there is no defect in God), God must have inspired a Table of Contents in the original autographs. This Table of Contents was inerrant and perfect.

    Unfortunately, the darn thing’s been lost!

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