At Week’s End

I have been away for the last bit of my holiday. I took a few days away at St. Deiniol’s Library in Wales (not far from Chester). On Friday, the internet access in the building conked out. So, I didn’t get to blog any (or read anyone else’s for that matter). Still, I had plenty of blogging fun! Since St. Deiniol’s is not far from Wrexham, I emailed Richard Hall at connexions to see if he wanted to meet for coffee. We had a great conversation – in person! I met Richard a year ago, but most of my converations with him have been via blogs. It’s always interesting to sit down with someone face-to-face!

Then this morning I met someone whose name has been I have seen banted about on blogs and through connexional mailings – Michaela Youngson, who blogs at Singing Colours. I hate that I only met her this morning not long before I had to leave. We had a great chat at breakfast.

Meal times were the best opportunity to meet people. Being an American, why I was here was a natural conversation starter for anyone. I met people from all over, including a university group from Sheffield (hello to David if you stumble across my blog). And in the small world category, there was a guy who had just finished Duke Divinity School. He started the year after I left. I told him I may have read it admission aplication (I couldn’t remember that far back to know for sure!).

I didn’t spend as much time in the library. Unfortunately, they didn’t have much information on my topic for my class at Durham University. It was impressive being around that many theological books since my time at Duke. The whole place has a great feel, and since I am not that far away (just over an hour), I may get an annual pass that allows use of the library throughout the year. I think it would be worth it.

Meet the Parents
Kay made her first trip to London this week. April took her down for all the touristy things – Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, vespers at St. Paul’s, and of course Harrod’s. The rest of the week has been spent with her granddaughter. She will leave us on Tuesday.

All About April
April has been enjoying her week off, and goes back to work tomorrow. She has been enjoying the time with her mother. I feel like I haven’t seen much of her – actually, I haven’t! Things will move back to normal this week.

Savannah Says
Poor Savannah hasn’t quite understood what’s going on this week. She knew something was wrong the first couple of days when her mummy wasn’t in the house. She would get weepy at night and then in the morning, but she mostly handled it ok. April said that when I was gone, she would call out for me and then walked into our room and said, ‘Daddy gone,’ and held out her hands – her sign for ‘gone’. It broke my heart to hear April tell it.

But, nothing is better than seeing her run up to me and not want to let me go. April said she had just brought a photo of me to her and said, ‘daddy’. We have played Play-Dough and read books since my return.

The Week Ahead
Back to work tomorrow, and we head into Lent!


4 thoughts on “At Week’s End

  1. Hello! It was great to meet you, even if you have now provided me with another internet-based time-sink. Hope you’re happy


  2. Richard: A little playdo livens up anyone’s day! I think you’re right, there!

    David: Thanks for stopping by. Sorry about the time sink. I know what you mean!

    Mickey: Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the new link (please note David’s comment about a new time sink!).

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