Thoughts on Methodism Part Four: What I Like

I have already talked in general terms about Methodism and why I have stayed, but there are some things about the church I like. I thought I would add them here before going on to say what worries me. This may just be an add-on to my previous post of things I didn’t think to write!

  1. Connectionalism/Connexionalism: This is one for both sides of the Atlantic. The way that the churches are intertwined with each other can make for great relationships. My blogging relationships are just one area, but there are plenty of chances at the district and circuit (UMC: conference and district) levels for ordained and lay to get to know one another.
  2. Team Approach to Ministry: (British perspective) At it’s best, the circuit ministers share together the work of leading the circuit with circuit stewards and other officers, and at the local level, the stewards work with the minister. In both, there can be a strong system of support and sharing of gifts.
  3. All-age Sunday School: (American Perspective) Methodism in America has always seen as part of being a church member is being involved with a Sunday school class. This is usually seen where membership is ‘lived out’. Most adult Sunday school classes I have known are full of people who truly want to grow in faith.
  4. Shared Leadership Among Lay and Ordained: OK, an area needs working out, but there is a commitment to have lay as well as ordained involved at all levels of the church.
  5. Non-Conformist Status: (British Perspective) As an American, I do not understand the entanglements of the Church of England with the state, and glad that I don’t have to worry about it with Methodism!

I think that will do. This week I will return with what worries me about the church.


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