Ramblings on the Net

Alan R. Bevere took a well-deserved break from the weekly round-up, but Richard Hall at connexions has offered his own version.

There has been a good discussion on whether or not the church is too feminised or masculinised.

That led to a discussion on why men leave the church, with Dave Walker again: Why have men left the Church?

Dave Faulkner is on sabbatical, and is treating us with some of what he learned at a recent course at Cliff College. He offers his notes of a fascinating lecture on the life cycle of the church. My favourite line:

Mergers are like two drunks staggering out of the pub at closing time, holding onto each other, but they can’t and they collapse to the ground. More chance if congregations are going to come together if all the premises are sold and something completely new built.

In a similar vein, my North Lancs colleague, Garreth Higgs, wonders if it isn’t time to rid the church of all its baggage and starte affresh with a new vision (away with the old and in with the new).

Keeping with the theme of the above two, Sally at Eternal Echoes reminds us that behind the talk of closures and mergers, there are people involved with real feelings, and we need to leave room for lament.

Shifting the discussion to worship, John Meunier wonders what do you do with those who lack the gift of singing, but are still determined to do so anyway in Would you let Chuck sing?

And moving away from Methodism, Chris Tilling at Chrisendom talks about the next book on my ‘to buy’ list, Bishop Wright’s Justification: God’s Plan and Paul’s Vision. Chris helpfulling frames the conversation between Wright and his detractors (at the moment, led by John Piper) over the ‘New Perspective on Paul‘ by reminding us that Wright (et. al.) is trying to place Paul back in 1st c. Judaism rather than 16th c. Germany and Switzerland. In doing so, Chris tells you what to do if someone stops you at a bus stop and tells you the scientific name of the common wild duck.


6 thoughts on “Ramblings on the Net

  1. Thank you for stepping in for Allan.

    You’ve been around church long enough to know, however, that once you step up to fill a void you inherit a job for life.

    All hail the new editor of the MBWR!

  2. Richard didn’t go back over the whole week on my blog. You have evidently missed my comment on his round-up, which has led to many more comments both on his blog and on mine – but none from you!

  3. Hi Olive, I admit to reading it and planning to go back to it, but never made it. I do apologise! I remember liking the post, especially as you mention disciple.

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