At Week’s End

Holiday time has arrived! Tomorrow is half-term, and since April is a teacher I take my holidays when she has hers. So, I am off to Wales later in the week while April and her mom and Savannah spend quality time together.

For a week before holiday, it has been a slower week. Unfortunately, the two weeks after I return it goes into overdrive, including the beginning of Lent! I don’t know if I have realised that Advent and Christmas are over.

Meet the Parents
Kay has settled into life in the Grady House, and like the rest of us has become addicted to the Wii. Her poison is the WiiSports Bowling. She has met Natalie, Tim, and Nicholas and all the people at Mellor. She and April leave tomorrow for London for a few days.

All About April
It’s half-term, and that pretty much sums up how April is! She has got herself a well-earned break. She can forget all that’s going on and pick it up when she returns.

For Valentine’s Day, April and I went out for the night while Kay and Savannah had bonding time. It was nice being the two of us for a short time.

Savannah Says
There has been a change in Savannah this week. Her boundary pushing has been put up a notch. This afternoon, she would NOT take a nap, no matter how tired she was. So, for 2 and a half hours, she made a hurricane site of her room. And she made an attempt at making up her face with black and green markers, colouring around her eyes. She looked like she had been in a fight. Then she refused to clean up. The hard part of discipline was trying to keep a straight face when she had all that marker on her face!

She and Kay (or KayKay, as Savannah calls her) are getting along very well. They have plenty more time over the next week.

The Week Ahead
So, it’s kind of a working holiday for me this week. I begin working on my presentation for class. Also, I have Savannah for the first time on my own this week. This ought to be interesting!


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