Richard B. Hays on the Lectionary Text… and Duke Basketball

I will return with my thoughts on Methodism either later tonight or tomorrow. But, in honour of the game that is being played tonight in Cameron Indoor Stadium, I give this quote from Richard B. Hays, Duke Divinity School’s professor of New Testament. I found this preparing for Sunday, so this can double as a Lectionary reflection on 1 Corinthians 9.24-27.

Several years ago when Duke University men’s basketball team won back-to-back national championships, there was a popular T-shirt on campus. The front read, ‘You can talk the game, but can you play the game?’ On the back, above the school logo, in large letters was printed the slogan, ‘We can play.’ That is the challenge Paul poses to his readers – and to himself – in verses 24-27: can we play the game? Rather than just talking about the gospel, we are called to pay the price of sacrifice and discipline in order to play the game rightly and thus to win the prize.

Richard B. Hays, First Corinthians, Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching

Go Blue Devils! Beat Carolina!


3 thoughts on “Richard B. Hays on the Lectionary Text… and Duke Basketball

  1. Yes, GO DUKE!!! We were at the game on Saturday when they played Miami. Boy was that a good game but a nail biter. We are hoping they play better than they did on Saturday and hopefully they can make their shots tonight!!! Are you and April able to watch the game over there?

  2. Hi, Kaylyn! We are quite jealous that you got to go to a game. We did watch that one! I can’t believe they got that far behind. If they play like that tonight, well, I think it will not be a nail-biter. It will be just over.

    Yes, we can watch the game through Slingbox, but it will be on at 2 AM. So, I am going to record it and we will watch it later.

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