At Week’s End

I think we have seen more snow this week than all the time we have been in England. Since the temperatures here have hovered around zero, it hasn’t really stuck, but it has been beautiful watching it fall. 

I have started on an exercise regime to keep up with April on the Wii Fit. I do an hour on weekdays on the elliptical machine. I haven’t done this much since my third year of Divinity School. I am trying to get in shape for our holiday to Israel in May.

I met with the Stewards at Wilpshire this week for a good meeting.  This follows my two sermons asking Wilpshire to have a conversation about the future. We are just at the beginning stages, but I find the stewards really looking to take on the leadership role at the church to see them through.

All About April
Even with all the snow, April still had to go to work. The snow that brought London to a standstill closed many of Lancashire schools, but it wasn’t the blizzard up here – and it must not have reached Accrington.  But, there was still plenty to celebrate. I got to meet a lot of April’s colleagues at a party Friday night for a 50th birthday. We had a great meal and a lot of dancing at Mitton Hall. Anyway, I doubt the snow will stick tonight so it will still be back to school for April, and I will be making my way around the circuit for visiting.

Savannah Says
Speaking of snow, Savannah has remained unimpressed by it all. April and I rush her to the window when it falls, and she just looks at us like it is no big deal. Then she just wanders away from the window while April and keep watching.

I remember a time when I used to want Savannah to talk and express to us what she wants. People used to tell us that we would then wish that she would stop. We are almost at that point now. Mostly, what Savannah says now is, ‘Want juice,’ ‘Want Cheerios,’ (comes out ‘Cheer-os’) and ‘Want banana.’ How can one little girl eat so much? She still calls out for her favourite shows on CBeebies, but she mostly likes the songs and her most favourite has become Balamory.  All these songs get stuck in our heads and we can’t get them out!

Her carers at nursery say that she is settling down in her new room. With so much to do, she ends up much more tired, but still refuses to take naps.

Meet the Parents
This segment is returns this week with the coming of April’s mother. Her plane lands on Friday. Kay calls herself ‘Grammy K’, a mouthful for Savannah who has settled better into ‘Kay-Kay’. By the end of next week, we will find out who wins!

The Week Ahead
I have got awful about posting. I have lots of thoughts running through my head, but not really felt like writing anything. Hopefully, I will be rectifying that soon. Shouldn’t be that much snow to watch anyway! Also, this the final week before holiday. We are all looking forward to that!


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