At Week’s End

The buzz from my sermon last Sunday continued throughout the week. It has actually been taken by some much more to heart than I would have thought. What is good is that people are actually talking about the future. I continued the theme today reminding us (I would definitely include myself in this) that when we have opinions, we must remember to act in love towards one another, and I used the message of the 1 Corinthians lesson to get us there. The task for the week ahead will be looking at how not to get this to die off, but the good news is I don’t think I am alone in this. I have so far refused to lay out what I think should happen. In part, because I don’t know. Also in part, I want a place where all the cards can be on the table, where as in some discussions, some solutions are ‘off limits’.

Also, my Disciple John class ended this week. Because of scheduling difficulties, I don’t think we ever quite established a rhythm, but I think everyone was glad we did it in the end. I am sad to see it move on.

All About April
April did very well in her assessment on course work this week. They said she had got a firm grasp of her job in the short time she has been there.  April and other members of staff will continue to look at the way their department is running and improve efficiency.

Savannah Says
Savannah has finished her first full week in her new room at nursery. It’s been a hard adjustment, where her carers have said she has had fretful moments, but on the whole is adjusting nicely. She hangs out a lot at the snack table! She loves being able to graze whenever she wants! Still, she misses the babies in the baby room and she hasn’t been quite as excited to get there. But, it will take time.

At home, she shows signs of the terrible twos. At Mellor’s coffee morning yesterday, April got her a mince pie (yes, there are still some left over from Christmas) and then broke it apart. This is not what Savannah wants, so she pitched a fit. April forgets that Savannah likes her food whole! Speaking of food, since she is allowed to graze at nursery, she wants to graze at home, too. She points to the kitchen door saying, ‘Want more.’

Also, she strung together a few words this week. She was up in her room and wanted to get down and broke down April’s resolve when Savannah shouted ‘Get down, mama!’ Still, Savannah will alternate between calling April ‘mama’ and ‘April’. She knows it gets a rise!

The Week Ahead
It’s a full week ahead with Stewards meetings, Churches Together AGMs, and a House Group, while still getting the buzz at Wilpshire to keep going. 


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