My Car has been Vandalised!

This morning brought a not-so-welcome surprise. My neighbour called at the door at 8:30 AM with some bad news. He was looking out of his kitchen window, where my car sits right outside. Both of the driver’s side windows had been shattered.


Nothing was stolen, and I had to unlock the door to open it so I doubt anyone rummaged around inside (unless they were nice enough to lock the doors as they left – I mean, there are unsafe people around here). Later this morning I had another neighbour call by. She said they got her husband’s truck and even came on their driveway to get there! This is all a day after I found out the church been broken into (Wilpshire – they broke into the under-the-church storage space, and like my car, nothing was stolen).


The police constable has just left. He was very nice, but of course what can he do? I reported it just to add to the other things that have been going on. Still, he wanted to make sure I was OK and to report any kids lurking around my garden (there have been a few hanging out by my garage). Savannah seemed quite enthralled witht the PC. She watched him talk the whole time, not at all scared of him! Now we just wait for the insurance company’s glass repair to fix the car.


9 thoughts on “My Car has been Vandalised!

  1. I’m so sorry Will. I haven’t had my car hurt since it’s in a locked and gated area, but we’ve had the same sorts of phemenona around the church for the last few years. Including a dozen car windows smashed during a choral society rehearsal when we first arrived.

    If possible, get to know the PCs and the CSOs in your area personally. Write letters of thanks to them and to their CO when their work has been effective and give them chocolates at Christmas.

  2. HI Will
    Sorry about your car
    When i was doing Guides about ten years ago at Wilpshire the same thing happened to my car on the car park at church While we were inside!
    More remarkably the community PC caught the culprit who was made to apologise personally to me and reimburse me in full!!!!
    Maybe you’ll be lucky.

  3. Nick: Thanks, and my hopes aren’t high. But, if they do it again in the neighbourhood, there might be a shot!

    Pam: That’s a great idea. I will remember that.

    Nicole: Three years in Durham (which had a bad rep) and two in Bamber Bridge (in England, which also had a bad rep), nothing like this happened. I move to a more ‘well off’ area, and this is where it happens!

    Paul: It has been a pain, and besides having to wait until midnight for it to be finished, it’s all OK now.

    Sally: They were indeed very helpful. And it won’t affect my no claims bonus!

    Wyman: You have the pastoral counselling ability of Job’s friends! (But, after the comment I left on your blog, I deserve it!)

    Kirsite: Just be on the watch – they may make it across the street, though your cars may be too close to your house. Glad the police found the guys responsible in your case and that you got the apology!

  4. Ha! In all seriousness, I am very sorry about this. My car has been broken into 3 times since I’ve lived in the town I live in. Only once did they tear the car up getting into it, though. I know what an absolute pain that is to have to deal with something like that.

    I’m sure, though, that body shops in England are much faster and cheaper than in America, right? 🙂

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