At Week’s End

The first full week of the year is over. I spent most of the time in the city of Durham, staying on the peninsula created by the River Wear and just across from the Norman Cathedral. It was a beautiful location, and except for the cold, a beautiful week! Of course, my reason for being there was the only thing that could rival being there itself. As I posted earlier, I spent my time there on a course, The Bible in Tomorrow’s World. Lots to take in, as going almost non-stop for two days of classes would be. Still, I hope to post more later in the week on that.

Also a lot of fun was meeting the other folk on the course. I was in the minority on two fronts – most there were Anglicans and most were native Britains. There was another American, a church planter serving in Italy. There was also a guy from South Africa, studying for his MA – so I wasn’t the only ‘international’ there!

Back in the circuit, we are in the throes of Covenant Service. Today was my second of three and I conclude next weekend at Mellor. The Covenant service is done yearly at the beginning of the new year by Methodist Churches. The service itself dates tot he 1600s, but John Wesley picked it up, modified it, and used it in his societies. The words of the entire service are beautiful, culminating in the ‘covenant prayer‘. After Christmas and class, this week turns back to normal. Well, I do have to do my taxes this week.

All About April
April survived her first week back at work. She had a number of folk look in on her while I was gone, including my superintendent minister. She also watched her first Duke basketball game of the year. Natalie and Tim were here to watch April more than the game. I had to warn them about her before it started. It was a close game at the end, but April handled it well.

Savannah Says
Savannah has fully accepted CBeebies, which is driving me nuts! She loves Nina and the Neurons, Bob the Builder, and Big Cook Little Cook. I made the mistake of showing her some videos on YouTube, so now whenever she sees me open the computer she runs over and shouts, ‘Bob!’, ‘Nanna!’ (for Nina), and ‘Cook!’ In the middle of the opening song for Nina, the video paused because it was buffering. She immediately started hitting keys to get it going again. After it’s over she says, ‘Want more Bob (or Nanna or Cook).’ I have to plead with her that I can’t take anymore Bob, Nina, and Cook! My pleas go unheard.

Ramblings on the Net
I think I am going to separate out my links from now on. I will post them tomorrow.

The Week Ahead
As I said, this week begins to turn back to normal now that I am back home and Christmas is definately over. But, Lent starts 25 February! Not far off!


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