At Week’s End

Here is the first At Week’s End of 2009. Sorry about missing last week, so I will try to be short, but still cover the two week Christmas holiday.

The week of Christmas was extremely busy. We were all making last minute preparations. I had a couple of at-home communion visits and two sessions where we opened Langho for the Advent Labyrinth. Unfortunately, not many takers, but those who did stop by really appreciated it. Christmas Eve saw my busiest day with 4 services. The evening service we had a Carol service with a twist. Using some of the lesson from the Festival of Lessons and Carols, people got an opportunity to ‘interpret’ them (I left it to them as to how). We had some innovative readings and sketches, all illuminating the passages given. For Christmas, I only had the one service at Wilpshire. The kids who came brought their toys, but none would let me have them!

Since then, we have rested and enjoyed the slower pace. The evening of Christmas Day brought the Pilkingtons to share in meal with us. Then we took it easy!  We won’t mention the football we watched. South Carolina, East Carolina, and even Alabama all lost their bowl games! Unbelievable!

For New Year’s Eve, we went to Natalie’s mum. When we arrived, Tim and Natalie’s son had an emergency trip to the doctor, but all was well. I experienced a new tradition there. Natalie’s dad Stephen sent me outside of the house just before midnight with a bag of bread and coal and then came back in just after midnight. I don’t fully understand, but I got paid a quid for standing out in the sub-zero temperatures.

Another British tradition this time of year is the Pantomime. We attended one in Lancaster. Pantomimes have all you could want: goodies, baddies, audience interaction (‘Oh no it’s not!’ ‘Oh yes it is!’ and ‘He’s behind you!’), and cross-dressing. Well, this pantomime had none of that, but it was still a great story with some humour.

Savannah Says
Savannah had a big Christmas. With mom and here, she was even more spoiled! April’s family and my family gave her room a make-over. So she no longer sleeps in crib, but in a ‘big girl’ bed. She took right to it. We just think how old she is. She also got an art corner, so she will spend long stretches drawing and painting. Her other big gift was a kitchen set, which she has thoroughly enjoyed. She makes us cups of tea and toast. She also enjoyed watch ‘Papa’ (my dad) make the toast jump out of the toaster.

Savannah rang in the new year with us. We were playing a game and didn’t realise the time – in part because Savannah showed no signs of being tired! Then we noticed it was a quarter til midnight, so we just kept her up and then we took her home Big Ben chimed the hour.

All About April
The holiday is over for her. It’s back to work tomorrow! She has enjoyed the time at home, in particular being with Savannah again.

The Week Ahead
This week, I am away on a course at the University of Durham. I will write more about that later in the week.


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