Start the Year by Reading the New Testament in a Month

I realise that the ‘read through the Bible’ plans are a dime a dozen (forgive me – I don’t know the British equivalent of this phrase) – especially this time of year. My friend Wyman from Georgia offers one on his blog that was devised by his seminary professor, Dr. Garrett. There is no bells and whistles to this and is very straightforward.

Start with #1 on Day 1 and read through Matthew 9, then with #2 on Day 2 and read through Matthew 15, etc.

1.  Matthew 1
2.  Matthew 10
3.  Matthew 16
4.  Matthew 23
5.  Mark 1
6.  Mark 9
7.  Luke 1
8.  Luke 7
9.  Luke 12
10.  Luke 19
11.  John 1
12.  John 8
13.  John 14
14.  Acts 1
15.  Acts 8
16.  Acts 15
17.  Acts 22
18.  Romans 1
19.  Romans 9
20.  1 Corinthians 1
21.  1 Corinthians 10
22.  2 Corinthians
23.  Galatians
24.  Philippians
25.  1 Timothy
26.  Hebrews
27.  James
28.  1 John
29.  Revelation 1
30.  Revelation 12


6 thoughts on “Start the Year by Reading the New Testament in a Month

  1. You know, if we just all started speaking Esperanto, we wouldn’t have this kind of confusion.

    I had a professor named Jess Moody in seminary. He studied under C.S. Lewis at Oxford. Dr. Moody was telling us that he (Moody) had befriended a homeless man in Oxford while he was there. He says he was telling Lewis about that and that he, Moody, used this sentence: “I sat down on the park bench and put my arm around this bum and started talking to him.”

    He said Lewis was really taken aback for a bit and that it took him, Moody, some time to understand why! 🙂

  2. I like it and believe me you can get into trouble for using words in one area that is unacceptable in another. An example of this was when I was road manger with a gospel rock band and my nickname was ‘Scoot’ which was shortened version of ‘Scooter’ from the Muppet show. We were in Newcastle on Tyne and we all had our names on our band shirts and the kids kept laughing at me so I asked the organiser what was wrong and he said it was what I had on my shirt. Apparently to ‘Scoot’ in Newcastle means to go to the toilet. So easy to be misunderstood.

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  5. Pastor Ron– I find your E-Votion and blogs interesting and inspirational. As I prepared for my teaching lesson for the 49ers on January 11, I found much material for use. Regarding, your plans for reading the Bible plan, my son and I are reading My Time with God, 15 minute devotions for the entire year. When finished, we will have read the New Testament and related sections from the Old Testament.

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