At Week’s End

Well, it’s finally here! The fourth Sunday of Advent. It’s been a big week here as the Christmas preparations are getting harder to get under control. I still didn’t get all done that I wanted. We did find time to have fun with the House Group and Circuit Staff Christmas parties and the arrival of my parents Friday. But, now it’s how much work can we cram into the final three days.

It will be a busy week – especially Christmas Eve with four services, but it will drop off after the Christmas morning service. This week’s ‘At Week’s End’ comes a little early as I have our ‘Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols’ tonight. I guess Christmas is really here!

Meet the Parents
My mom and dad flew into Manchester Airport on Friday. Their flight was delayed from Charlotte and they missed the connecting flight. Luckily, there was one in the afternoon – and they were bumped up to business class. So they didn’t suffer to bad. To get them into the English holiday spirit, we met up with the Moores and spent the day in Manchester at the Christmas Market. In case they didn’t get enough of Germany, the German Christmas Market made them feel like they were back in Munich! Today they are recovering from Jet lag.

All About April
She is finished with work for the holidays! But, she has seen the future. She began her qualification studies this week (she is an assessor for the college). It will be a lot of work, but she will enjoy it. Now, she is thinking about getting Christmas presents and food ready.

Savannah Says
Whilst she doesn’t completely understand Christmas yet, she quite likes the baubles on the Christmas tree. She walks over, grabs one ball after another and says, ‘Bauble. Bauble,’ (it sound a little like ‘baa-baa’, though). She has taken to her grandparents very well and seems quite comfortable with them. She also went with me to Mellor Church’s Friday Advent Prayer service. I used an idea from Roots Children and Young People which gives a great idea for creating the annunciation icon. Since we were colouring, she was right in her element. Then, when we prayed she held her order of service like the rest of us.

Ramblings on the Net
Kevin Watson tells the story of rebirth of a United Methodist Church where he used to work that is now a non-denominational church.

Along similar lines, UK Methodist bloggers have been talking about how they came to Methodism, why they stay, and what concerns them about the church. I hope to add my own thoughts after Christmas. Be sure to check out the comments of all of these.

John Cooper gives us one way the Methodist Church is trying to look to the future with a Youth Participation Video.

Craig L. Adams thinks about how much leadership should be adaptation and how much authoritative.

Ben Simpson reflects on the use of technology in churches (in particular video-conferencing the sermon) and its impact on character.

Finally, Allan R. Bevere connects Christmas to Good Friday with Born to Die (make sure you see the comments here, too).

Weekend Forecast
How long before the five people in the house get on each others nerves? I forecast that it will likely be another day (after all, it is the holidays), but it won’t be bad, though. We will all make up!

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