Advent Sermons: Ellen Davis on 2 Samuel 7

Duke Divinity School Professor of Bible and Practicle Theology, Ellen Davis has a great sermon on the Old Testament reading for Advent 4B (2 Samuel 7.1-11, 16). You can find it at the Centre for Excellence in Preaching Podcast Archive (scroll down to Ellen Davis, ‘God’s House’). A text version can be found at the Duke Chapel website.

It’s not an Advent sermon per se and the text listed is Hebrews 3, but she connects it to David’s desire to build a temple when God never asked him to do it. What I find interesting in it is that she ‘deconstructs’ David and sees in this story not a desire to glorify God, but a desire to use God in his quest for power. She tears away at this mantra that I seem to have heard at one too many gatherings of evangelical men – ‘being a man of God’s own heart’. She doesn’t erase it, but takes the shine off of it when she says that was ‘God’s hopeful love cast[ing] David in the best possible light.’

But, she doesn’t allow us off the hook, but gives David as a mirror of ourselves – struggling to rest in God.


One thought on “Advent Sermons: Ellen Davis on 2 Samuel 7

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