At Week’s End

Christmas seems to be careening closer, and I don’t know if I am any the more ready for it. The weeks seem to be moving faster. I realise that I am still without a Christmas Eve and Christmas morning sermon. And I still have a few other services in between that need sorting out. All in the fun of Christmas!

We did have a great service at Wilpshire this morning. It was the annual church nativity play. The youngest kids put on a story about a star and an owl and there was one little shepherd who stole the show. Then the older kids, attempting to turn the theme back to Advent, did a play about Philip and the Ethiopian. The older kids also wrote all the prayers for the service.  Everyone did fantastic, and all I had to do was show up!

And Carol Service season is upon us. We had our first this afternoon at Langho. It was a more informal one. The big, bell and whistles nine lessons and carols happens this weekend at Wilpshire.

All About April
April is gearing into her last week of work before the Christmas holidays. Tomorrow’s a hard day, taking the kids to the Trafford Centre in Manchester. Well, they better come back with all they took down there. Maybe we’ll have some more news for her when she is off from work for a while.

Savannah Says
Big day for her today – she starred in her first Christmas nativity play! She played a ‘king’. She and Natalie and their little boy made the trio. No speaking lines yet, but we will get there. Tonight she ran the carol service at Langho, staying at the front most of the service. She even stood up with a hymnbook and sang her version of the carols as we sang. She also did a cute dance during ‘Come and Join the Celebration’.

During the week, her mothering instincts have taken over again. We are once again finding stuffed animals with nappies (diapers) on them: Mickey Mouse, baby dolls, snowmen – they all have nappies. Actually, it makes it convenient when we have to change Savannah’s nappy – we just grab the nearest animal.

Ramblings Around the Net
Alan R. Bevere has posted the normal weekly roundup from the Methoblogosphere. He also has a moving reflection on ministering to those with depression in the church in general, but of how it is heightened during the holiday periold.

Gavin Richardson tells the story of an encounter with a homeless woman named Heather, which leads him to ask questions about Charity vs. Justice.

Robin Parry, while noting the positive contributions of feminist theology, worries that it begins with the political goals it seeks and then derives the kind of God theologians want to believe in to serve social agendas. He also posts on Richard Baukham’s answer to the enigmatic statement by Jesus to the Rich Young Ruler in Mark 10:18.

John Meunier talks about how the Christian life often involves doing before believing.

Richard Hall joins the local Ukelele society and remembers what it was like to be new to church.

And finally, David Faulkner gives us some half-baked journalism reporting on the Star of Bethlehem and the date of Jesus’ birth.

Weekend Forecast
My parents are due to come in on Friday, so will their plane be on time? Well, I forecast ‘no’, but still say they should be here on the day! So they will join our regular update next week. 


2 thoughts on “At Week’s End

  1. Hi Will,

    Thanks for another pingback. I don’t know when you saw my Bethlehem Star post, but the astronomer himself has responded in the comments.

    Glad to see you citing my mentor Richard Bauckham this week, too!


  2. Hi Dave! Thanks for the update. I found the response interesting, and wonder if it was a standard response this person gave to everyone. It didn’t seem to actually respond to your post as such (I point to the ‘gemini’ thing as one example – you clearly didn’t criticise him). Still, I think it’s great that he responded and glad to hear that he seeking!

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