At Week’s End

The Grady house is in morning. Alabama’s Dream Season is over. Last night, Florida beat Alabama 31-20. The Tide played well, though. A couple of mistakes in the 4th quarter led Florida take the game away. So, it’s on to the Sugar Bowl, which is a nice consolation prize.

The first week of Advent has been busy, not helped by the snow and ice at the beginning of the week. The best part of the week was seeing 38 kids from Mellor St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School filling the Methodist Church for the Advent labyrinth (thanks to Natalie for creating it). They really seemed to enjoy it, and they said they were going to come back next year to sing a carol. That means we will need to be planning one for next year!

The end of the week saw us going to York with Tim, Natalie, and their son. We had a great time. The streets were decked for Christmas and we shopped at the medieval Christmas Fayre at Barley Hall.  There I saw a self-proclaimed pagan paraphernalia salesman with a button that read, ‘Jesus died 2,000 years ago – get over it.’ The Minster had a choir practising for The Messiah. Christmas is on full go.

Somewhere during the day, I caught something. I made it home with a 102 degree fever, so I missed worship this morning. Yvonne found a local preacher willing to take the service for me. I’m feeling better today, and hopefully will be back to full strength tomorrow.

All About April
April had her first staff Christmas party with her new job. Other than driving in the snow and taking care of the poorly (i.e., me). 

Savannah Says
Savannah is continuing to assert her independence. While she is normally a very good girl, she has had some fall-outs. April needed to talk to her nursery carers, which threw Savannah off. She didn’t know what to do, so she dropped into a ball on the floor. Thursday night, she couldn’t get to sleep and was crying to about 10 PM. We think she may not have had enough dinner.

Her ‘best friend’ is still Tim and Natalie’s little boy (who is 6 months). On the train to York, she kept putting his hat on and he would take it off so she would have to put it back on.

Ramblings on the Net
Alan R. Bevere has posted his weekly round-up of Methodist blogs.

Gavin Richardson gives us an index of some of his prayer station ideas.

Olive Morgan reminds us to be mindful of ministers in the stationing process, as they are hearing from potential new circuits.

Nick Norelli thinks through the Roman Catholic practice of praying to the saints.

Dave Warnock reflects on Christian non-violence, and argues that violence does not need to be used to reach out to the ‘Top Gear’ crowd.

Weekend Forecast
After my last week’s forecast fell through, I am reluctant to have another go.  So, I will skip it this week. See you next week! 


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