At Week’s End

Advent is finally here. I don’t know if I am ready for it.  Advent always seems to catch me by surprise, no matter how early I start planning. I think all things come to a halt during the Alabama-Auburn weekend, anyway.

It’s been an emotional week, starting with a church council making tough decisions in one church and another church with it’s own issues to deal with.  Yet, I must say we went out on a high this morning at Mellor. My friend Sarah, who is a URC minister in the area, gave me the idea of an Advent café worship (she got to go on BBC Lancashire to talk about hers).  So, as the week progressed, I began to wonder what in the world I had got myself into.  I think my church members did, too.  I still can’t believe how well it went.  It just flowed.  I don’t normally think of myself ‘enjoying’ a service I lead (like Gary Larson of the ‘Far Side’ who said he never laughed out loud at one of his cartoons because he is too close to the joke), but this one, I really did.  And, many who may have been afraid of what would happen said it was meaningful service.  I can’t do this everyweek, though!

All About April
April bravely cooked another Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday while battling a cold.  Tim, Natalie, and their son came over to spend to the evening with us and watch the Macy’s Parade (they were not impressed with the pumpkin pie).  Still, it was a great meal.  April is a fantastic cook.

Battling a cold and wearing herself out cooking, she did miss her first day of work, but the end of the month also brought her first paycheque, so we are happy all around.

Savannah Says
Another busy week for the girl!  Her second Thanksgiving including us finding nits (lice) in her hair – a gift from nursery, we assume.  For a couple of days, she kept putting her hands on her head.  While this usually followed by a game of ‘do what I do’ with her arms (she would fold them across her chest, expecting us to do the same), we just thought this was some cute new thing she was doing.  Until Thursday, I noticed she did it increasingly.  I looked in her hair, and there were things moving.  So, she spent the rest of the evening with April and Natalie treating her head.  She did fantastic, though – much better than I would have if they kept pulling my hair!

Ramblings on the Net
Alan Bevere posts the usual Methodist Weekly Round, and this week has a reflection on the Black Friday events that saw a Wal-Mart employee trampled and shots fired at a Toys-R-Us.

With the beginning of the Christmas season, it always brings out those who bemoan the loss of Christian symbolism in the secular world.  Dave Faulkner wants us to ask ourselves if we really want the post office to proclaim the name of Jesus (or, rather, their version of him) in Stamps.

Dixon Kinser offers another prayer/worship station in Walk.

Sally offers two lovely prayers/reflections with Tangled Mess and Advent Thoughts: Isaiah 64.

Finally, PamBG gets a chance to sit down with the President of Conference, Stephen Poxon, who calls us to ‘Name the Name‘, and Pam offers some reflections on what that means.

Weekend Forecast
I’m still in a football mood, so will Alabama beat Florida in the SEC championship?  Well, this one is more difficult to pick, but I am going to step out on a limb and say, Yes, Alabama will win!  You read it here first!


6 thoughts on “At Week’s End

  1. Weekend Forecast – If Aabama play like Saturday night they will win. ROLL RED TIDE. Do not forget to keep me the match. I have finally found a sport I understand, not sure I would like to play it though.

  2. Well, I guess that technically I did ‘sit down with’ Stephen Poxon. As in, he came to speak to a large group of people and I sat down and listened to him. Not meant as a criticism – he seems very genuine and approachable. It was just that there were a lot of people who wanted to meet The President.

    (Just a meaningless snippet: His wife signed my bible when I was accredited as a Local Preacher and she was Vice President of Conference and he signed my ordination bible. I wonder if the ‘matched set’ will become a collector’s item? *grin*)

  3. Natalie: Glad we were able to ‘convert’ you to American College Football!

    Dave: Thanks for your post!

    Pam: Yes, I was trying to be ‘poetical’ or something. I don’t know. I knew it was in a meeting. Glad you enjoyed hearing him. And, Myrtle (his wife) is a riot.

    Sally: Thanks for your reflections, and your offer to use them in the service!

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