At Week’s End

We are headed to the final week of the ecclesiastical year (that sounds impressive).  Today is Christ the King Sunday and next week is the first Sunday of Advent.  We are in the home stretch to Christmas (a month tomorrow is Christmas Eve).  We began our Advent celebrations with an Advent Wreath making/Jacob’s Join (Americans read ‘pot luck’).  Not as many people there this year, which was a little disappointing, but we still had a great time.

It’s been a slow week, but feels more like the calm before the storm.  Of course Advent really gets into full swing as I begin preparing for worship services and mid-week prayer.  I did have two lovely visits this week.  One, with a couple who will get married at Langho.  Hard to describe exactly what, but it was just a fun evening.  Another visit entailed a meeting with someone who disagrees with me over a particular issue, but he is such a great guy that we can still have a great conversation.  Then, we had fondu night at Tim and Natalie’s, which was delicious!

I do need prayers for the week, though, as tomorrow I have one more church council.  It’s an extraordinary one in which we will continue a conversation from the previous one a month ago.  It will not be easy.

Finally, this is Thanksgiving week.  As always, it’s odd spending American holidays in the UK.  We tend to forget what day it is!

All About April
In addition to the work week, April fell ill – a gift from our daughter.  She says other than that and work, she did not do much.  We did buy some poinsettias at B&Q as well as a wreath, and then ate with some former church members, Lord & Lady Lesley (yes, they are both called ‘Lesley’, but spell it differently).

Savannah Says
Lots of Savannah news this week.  She went to nursery on Thursday, ran to the door, where a little boy was standing… and lifted her shirt up.  It starts young!  I couldn’t believe it, and with everyone watching, what do you say?

We’re still at our 5 words, but I think she’s beginning to add ‘book’.  She has started furrowing her brow now when she’s mad, which makes us laugh more than anything else.  I don’t think that’s the effect she wants.

As I mentioned we were in B&Q.  Looking at the Christmas decorations, we found some animated figures that danced when you pressed a button.  Well, Savannah did not like them and would run from them.  Well, my mischeivous side took over and I began to chase her with the annimated figures!  That little brow would get so furrowed, which made it funnier!  One particular polar bear really scared her.  As it danced she hid behind some boxes and would peak around.  It really was cute!  And, yes, April fussed at me for aggravating her.

Ramblings on the Net
While the December season is full of ‘joyful trappings’, Sally reminds us that it’s not so for everyone with Advent Terrors.

One of my favourite preachers, Fleming Rutledge, encourages us to put the word ‘Behold!’ back into our scripture readings.

John Meunier talks about books important to his faith walk.

Kim Fabricius over at connexions posts a quote from one of my favourite apologists, Lesslie Newbiggin, about a full vs. empty church.  He also posts a warning about the bondage of busyness.

Pam Garrund wonders something that has been on my mind with Why Does a Methodist Need to be a(n) [Add Modifier]? (I may post later on this.)

Andrew Thompson tells a powerful story about an encounter with a homeless man.

Bad news for rail travel in Lancashire – increase in fares.

Two items for fun:
Nick Norelli wonders what superpowers he would have.
John the Methodist tells us what Genesis would look life if it were a Facebook page.

Finally, Dave Faulkner offers up a great idea for 3 December:  Comment Day. Comment on five blogs, two of which you never have commented on.

Weekend Forecast
Well, I will be living for Saturday this week!  It is the annual Alabama-Auburn football game.  Always the highlight of the year.  For Brits, if you have been watching Stephen Fry in America, this is the game he attended in his tour of the south.  I have only been to one UA/AU game, and it was one of the most exciting games I have attended!  So, will Alabama be able to end its six year draught on Saturday?

I forecast:  YES!!

Roll Tide!  Go Bama!


6 thoughts on “At Week’s End

  1. Will – on the lifting of the shirt – Katherine came home from kindergarten this week and announced that she and Christopher will be getting married, so Thomas will not have her babies any more. I was just glad that Warren was not in the car. :^)

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