Preaching This Sunday

Well, I thought I had a Sunday off.  Wilpshire are celebrating their church anniversary this Sunday (for Americans:  here, you celebrate the building’s opening, where as in America it’s typically the founding of the congregation).  They invited a past minister and one of my other churches wanted to hear him, so they asked to meet with Wilpshire.  I thought that would give me the Sunday off!

Well, my guest preacher has fallen ill, so I am back in the game!  I do hope he feels better.  Now I need to figure what’s happening for Sunday.


5 thoughts on “Preaching This Sunday

  1. 🙂 hope all goes well, Church Anniversaries are odd things. One of our Chapels celebrates in June rather than Feburary because the weather is nicer….

  2. Natalie & Kirstie: True, but I don’t think I begged too much! We’ll see!

    Sally: Thanks, and our weather was AWFUL! I woke up with snow and headed for the church in the rain!

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