Advent Sermons?

One of the websites I peruse is, which began with their flagship magazine, Christianity Today.  They are a conservative evangelical group, but very thoughtful and while on the whole likely still lean toward a political conservatism, allow a broad set of ideas to be  discussed.

They have even become more liturgical in recent years.  When I first encountered them some 15 years ago, Advent and Lent were barely mentioned (if at all).  They now have a whole section (albeit a small one) devoted to Advent.  The articles are a good primer for the evangelical who grew up in a tradition where Advent smacked of evil traditionalism.  (As a Methodist, I grew up with Advent, though its meaning didn’t become clear until later.  Most of South Carolina takes on a Baptist feel, though – I think it’s the state’s established religion.  I dated a Southern Baptist at University and going to church with her once in December, and not knowing any better, I asked her where their Advent Wreath was.  I think she thought I was making it up to make fun of her.)

Anyway, I think the evangelical wing may still have a way to come, though.  I saw a link labelled ‘Advent Sermons‘, and as I am always looking for inspiration, I clicked on it.  All the sermons have a Christmas theme.  I think a point got missed somewhere.  Still, lots of other good resources for Advent on the original link.

So, maybe Wyman Richardson at Walking Together can give us the ‘State of Advent’ in the Southern Baptist Churches and in the meantime, does anybody have a link for any Advent sermons that don’t jump to Christmas?


7 thoughts on “Advent Sermons?

  1. You might like to consult the Bible Reading Notes of our church website, where one of our Ministers, the Revd Dr. John ogden, who is also the webmaster, has posted notes on each Sunday’s lectionary readings. If so, plase go to to pages within this website/Useful downloadable files for next Sunday’s morning service .

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