Ramblings on the Net

I forgot to add any links yesterday to my ‘At Week’s End’ post.  So, I thought I would add them today.

As part of his weekly blogging ministry, Alan Bevere posts the weekly roundup of the Methobloggosphere.

Will Willimon writes on Strategic Dis-Harmonization, where he says, ‘We have expended too much time tweaking structures and machinery when what we need is to abandon unproductive, laborious, slow moving structures.’

Sally at Eternal Echoes on Church leadership; love, pain and struggle…., and if I may give her a second link, she has a story for introducing the prophets to children who may not be familiar with church at all (always helpful).

PamBG summarises a talk given by Methodist General Secretary Martyn Atkins.  I find myself disagreeing with Atkins in some areas, but his voice is still one I would want heard.  I think he is right in comments about ‘leading from the front’ (though I think the idea of why Methodists do that is closer to the narrative Methodists tell rather than ‘we are a declining church’).

Nick Norelli discusses the false dichotomy of Scripture and Tradition.

I think that’s it for this week!


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