At Week’s End

This has been another long week.  Lots to talk about… except I don’t know at the moment how much I can talk about.  Well, I take that back.  I have been trying to take a different approach by stepping back and looking at the more positive aspects of my week (and ministry).  Two things I will mention:

The first, Disciple.  I have mentioned on here that I am leading a short-term Disciple course on John.  We are in our fourth week (broken from the third week by holidays, birthdays, etc.).  I thought it might be difficult to establish a groove, but this week’s was really exciting.  We had a great discussion on Jesus’ Jewish identity (and the continuity of Judaism and Christianity) and then one on the scriptural authority of John 7.53-8.11 (the women caught in adultery – the earliest manuscripts don’t have that passage).

The second, this morning at Mellor, during our prayer time, I was able to open up with a small group and felt really supported by them.  As I did, I was reminded about how hard this small, but faithful group is working.  A year ago, they took my plan for Advent and Acts to heart, and have fed off of that.  It was a great time.

All About April
Well, April’s husband had been meaning to get her spare tire fixed when she had another flat this week.  Yeah, her husband is not helpful.  Luckily, Tim and Natalie were driving by and took care of it!  She can’t be too mad at me.  As it made her late for work, she did get to go with Savannah to a craft session while waiting for her car to be fixed.  At work, she also had her first parents’ night.  She said it went well.  It sounds strange that a college would have a parents’ night, but remember that over here college is roughly US high school age.

Savannah Says
A tough week for the little girl.  She has had a cold and cough for most of the week, but seems to be at the end of it.  She is still finding time to push boundaries, though.  She does not like to clean up her toys.  And she is staying constant on her five words.

Funny Savannah story:  last night, we were at the Wilpshire Hotel to close the day.  There’s jukebox that sometimes we pick her up and allow her to push the buttons.  She ran up to it, with her finger in the air.  At that moment, it turned on.  She turned around to us running and crying, thinking that she did it!  Later, a family with three kids came in.  Their youngest was 12 months and they had bought some cheese crackers.  They gave her one, which was for her an invitation to go back for more.  She would walk up to the mum and hold her hand out!

Weekend Forecast
I haven’t blogged this week.  Haven’t much felt like it.  So, how much will I blog this week?  I forecast at least three and half times.  Likely, I will start one and not finish!


3 thoughts on “At Week’s End

  1. Sounds like the Disciple is going well.

    Hold on to those bright spots. As a chronic pessimist, I find myself needing a reminder to see the light rather than the dark. What a good idea for Advent.

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