What if Starbucks Used Church Marketing?

Last week on the blog we talked about churches using business models.  What would happen if it was the other way around?  Having just come back from Starbucks today (I LOVE the red cup time of year – I admit it), I found this video (a big thank you to Dave at Big Circumstances for linking to it).

Be sure to check out the bumper stickers and posters on the wall.

I think we need a version that tells what would happen if Starbucks used Methodist Church marketing.  Maybe there could be the story that Martyn Atkins tells where he showed up late and got locked out.  After knocking, a man answered the door with, ‘What do you want?’

Oh, and of course there wouldn’t be coffee tables – it would be PEWS!


3 thoughts on “What if Starbucks Used Church Marketing?

  1. Glad you liked the video too, Will. I found it hysterical, but also one of those occasions when the humour was painful and embarrassing in its connection to real life. Perhaps you should draft a script for a Methodist version!


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