At Week’s End

It was back to work this week, but an ease into it.  Monday and Tuesday I spent a 24 hour retreat at Hyning Monastery with the ‘Under 5s’ group from the North Lancashire District.  The Under 5s is a group of ministers in their first five years of ministry (not a group for 5 year olds).  It was a relaxing time away and great way to ease into work after the week off.  On Wednesday, all the ministers in the district met for a ministerial synod, where we discussed mentoring.

I don’t want to break the confidentiality of either the synod or the retreat, so I won’t say much.  I will say that with the pressures of ministry, in light of what I have already written here, I wonder if our time as ministers could be spent on other issues than mentoring.  Not that it was a bad discussion or unnecessary, but wonder if it could have been done in another context (and maybe less than a day).  I am looking for other support from the district and the connexion as the church face an uncertain future.  Of course, I have a great relationship with my superintendent with whom I discuss the ‘work’ side of my job.  As with other ministers, I still struggle to find a neutral outlet for work and personal side.

My work will also take a decided look toward Advent and Christmas.  This is usually the busiest time of the year for me, but also one that I enjoy.  Advent is my favourite season of the year.  We have a lot to plan for, and the weeks seem to be speeding by!

All About April
April has also returned to work, which has meant less time with us at home.  Still, as the weeks go by, I see her creating a routine for herself that is getting more and more manageable and allowing for us all to spend time together.  She appears less tired to me.

Savannah Says
And even Savannah is getting back into her routine.  We are trying to work on her vocabulary, but she is still content to stick with the same 5 words and singing ‘ee-eye-oh’ (her version of ‘Old MacDonald’).  Though we have heard rumours that she has said ‘Natalie’ when she was with her earlier in the week. She did accompany me to the ministerial synod, where she was the star of the show.  There and at church this morning, she stood with book in hand to sing the hymns.

Ramblings on the Net
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Olive Morgan writes on being interviewed by the United Methodist Reporter
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This Week’s Forecast
With the excitement of the election over, will I go through with withdrawals from the news?  I forecast ‘no’.  I am glad it is over, and if I feel the need for more, there is enough about the fallout to keep me going.


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