Congratulations President-elect Obama

Two confessions:  the first – I didn’t vote this year.  For the first time since I turned 18, I missed a presidential election.  I sent in my request by fax, and didn’t think to follow up.  When I did and they hadn’t received it, it was too late to retry. I am registered in North Carolina, which has yet to be called. I feel awful that I missed this historic election! I should have tried harder.

The second – I am a lifelong Republican, and I would have voted for Obama.  That’s the first time I would have voted for a Democrat. That seems strange.  I simply think he provides a break from the Bush years in which I became disillusioned, as did many others.  I think he has a commitment to stop the war in Iraq. That, and I have grown away from the party in which I felt very at home in years ago. That said, Sen. McCain’s speech last night was awesome. He is a good man.

I am really excited that we no longer have a white-man’s only club for the president. I don’t think Obama is the messiah, and nor do I believe the race issues have left in the US, but it is amazing to watch Obama and his family to think that he will live in the White House. I am extremely disappointed in the Christian community that felt they needed to spread lies about him. Still, most of America didn’t listen and have voted for a change.

Congratulations, President-elect Obama. I will be praying for you.


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