At Week’s End

April, Savannah, and I are back from holiday.  I started work today, as I was planned to take the All Saints service at Wilpshire. I much prefer taking my Sunday off at the end of the week, but I didn’t arrange it this time.  It’s hard getting back into the swing of things by jumping into leading worship.  Well, the week doesn’t get going straight away as I head back to the Lake District tomorrow for a 24-hour retreat with the Under 5s (those in their first five years of ministry).  Rumour has it that we will have a cameo appearance by the president!  No, not Bush or even McCain or Obama – I mean Stephen Poxon, Methodism’s president!

So, not much to say about work this week.  Holiday was very relaxing.  The three of us managed quite well in the caravan.  We had some great weather, and the temperatures didn’t dip too far below freezing.  We managed a day out to Warton (where my retreat will take place), another to Windermere and Ambleside, and finally to Sizergh Castle with Tim, Natalie, and their 5-month old son. Savannah took to caravan life very well, loving the awning that gave her the feel of outdoors with out the cold temps. She can more or less find a good time wherever she goes, though.

All About April
April enjoyed her week off from work as well, though I think she forgot what it meant to have Savannah full-time again.  It left me with a small glimpse of what it will be like when Savannah is a teenager and even more rebellious! 

So, it’s back to work tomorrow for April, and we continue on until the late-December/early-January break.

Savannah Says
As mentioned, Savannah had a wonderful holiday.  She is testing her boundaries, especially with cleaning up her toys.  She will pick up the pieces she has strewn over the floor and when asked to put it in it’s proper place, she suddenly decides it needs a cuddle. 
She also had the advantage on us in the caravan in that everything there is smaller and at ‘Savannah-level’, so at times it must have been a world full of ‘no’ for her.

On the flip side, she started to pick up the dinner or lunch plates and take them to the sink. This came without us asking her, but sensing that she needed to do it. She also enjoys taking her dirty nappies to the rubbish bin.  So, she enjoys cleaning – not just her own toys.

It was great for the three of us to be together and have some focused time.  We tried to balance the week between doing things that we wanted and finding time for Savannah to play. We found a small restaurant in Ambleside which had a play-place.  For £5, she got a mini-pizza meal, a drink, and a play.  She loved all of it! She desperately wanted to go down the slide like the bigger kids. She would crawl over to it, stick her head in and laugh, but in the end it was too scary.

Ramblings on the Net
Not much to say this week, as I didn’t spend a lot of time reading other blogs.  Perhaps more next week. I will leave you with this one:
David Faulkner on Nail Varnish

This Week’s Forecast
The big question everyone wants to know:  who will win the US Presidential Election?  I forecast that in a surprise, PamBG will be the first female president and first write-in! As always, feel free to put your own forecast in the comments.


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