At Week’s End

Sorry this week’s update is late.  With travelling, I didn’t have as much time yesterday as I thought.

This is coming from an undisclosed location somewhere between the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales.  April, Savannah, and I are staying in a cosy caravan borrowed from Natalie’s parents (very special thanks to Stephen and Lynda).  I haven’t been caravanning since I was in elementary (primary) school.  My grandmother (mum’s mum) had one in Outer Banks of North Carolina (which, I have to say, rival the Lake District and Dales in beauty).  We will be up here for the next four days.

Chat about Church

I have already written about the marathon church councils this week, so no need to recap them here (and I am trying to forget about them and work this week).  I must day that the treasurers from all three of my churches are rock stars.  There is a funny Dave Walker cartoon that lists the members of church council with the treasurer pointed out as the one who says ‘no’ to everything.  That is not the case with mine.  All three are very mission minded, as well as financially able.  Churches, I realise, don’t always have this where treasurers will often make the point over and over about what makes sense budget-wise.  The autumn church council will always fall heavy for the treasurer (reports are due), but also for Langho and Wilpshire who have tough decisions to make.

All About April
April is still making the adjustments to full-time. This week included – personal hygiene! Yes, you read that right! But, not for April.  Her students often go out into work placements for on the job training and with many 16-18 year olds, all may not be as it should (I am being discreet here).  This is the first lesson that April taught that those who knew she was doing it wanted an update about how it went.  How do you tell kids they don’t quite smell very well?

Savannah Says
Savannah is also getting adjusted to her new schedule.  She is at nursery one more day a week, and she spends two afternoons with her friends Natalie and her 5 month-old.  Savannah wants to be a mummy, as she will copy everything Natalie does and then do it on dolly.  Last night, I even saw her lifting up her shirt to feed dolly!  It was cute.

Savannah is also learning to push the boundaries.  When it’s time to clean up, she tries to delay by picking up everything and holding it to her cheek as if to give it a hug.  Then there are the times when she just flat out refuses, and it is a trip to the naughty step.  But, usually all is well when it’s time to get off the step.

She is adding to her vocabulary.  She can still say ‘da-da’, but for some reason ‘ma-ma’ doesn’t come as often and for a while it was ‘baa-baa’ (her word for her cuddly black sheep).  Though we think she likes to see April get jokingly annoyed with her.  She can also say ‘duck’ and can even distinguish it from other animals.  (This is in part due to Natalie and Tim’s son’s baptism, where for the all-age sermon I gave out small rubber ducks.  We bought 500 from eBay and Natalie and April spent a week cleaning them.  She was surrounded by ducks, so it makes sense she can say that word!)

Ramblings on the Net
John Meunier on Deuteronomy 34.1-12
Craig Adams on Toward a Mission in Life

This Week’s Forecast
Just how long will it take for the three of us to get on each other’s nerves in such a small space?  I forecast at least a day.  As always, feel free to put your own forecast in the comments.  See you next week!


4 thoughts on “At Week’s End

  1. Sally: Thanks! We did have a great time!

    Wyman: I don’t want to bore you with how Church Councils work. But, I firmly believe that Methodists love meetings more than Baptists! Actually, in British Methodism, the meeting is the fundamental gathering place for church members outside of Sunday mornings (we don’t have adult Sunday school here).

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