At Week’s End

I have no idea how much my family and friends know what’s going on with us, so I am attempting to give a weekly update (we will see how long it lasts).  To those who don’t like to read too much personal stuff in a blog, please forgive me and you have my permission to skip.

This has been one of my longer weeks.  In some ways, it may be a precursor to the next week.  I have had a lot of committee meetings, beginning on Tuesday with Finance at Wilpshire and ending with Church Council at Langho.  Finances were an issue there, too. Church councils continue with Wilpshire tomorrow night and Mellor on Thursday.  I don’t think I meant to plan three within 8 days.

All three churches will need to look to the future and make some tough decisions. I think many of us wish we could simply use what worked in the past (or at least what we thought worked in the past) and everything will be OK. I have begun to wonder how churches which have been on the same site for over 100 years think through the question, ‘What will we be doing in [fill in number] years?’  For most of my church members’ lives, the church they attend has always been there. Identity, for the most part, has been established. We think everyone knows what we are there for. I think this is why my comments on change have seemed to fallen flat. I wonder to them if it sounds like I am speaking a different language.

Also, I completed my Membership Tickets this week. I am sad to say that this is the first year I have done so for my current churches (after having two years already). I used to love this practice, but I’m not really into nostalgia done for the sake of doing it.  I haven’t written it off yet, though (see below and link for Olive’s post on it).

April News
April is settling into her new job with Accrington and Rossendale College. She is enjoying it, but still learning the ropes teaching 14-17 year olds, and working as an assessor (she will have to say what all that entails).

Savannah News
Savannah is still getting used to her new schedule.  She spends three days at nursery and two afternoons at sessions with her friend Nicholas (and his mother Natalie, of course).  She caught a cold, and it is, well… messy.  She likes dancing to the music and gets most excited when the Cbeebies Happy Birthday music starts. She will also spend lots of time drawing with her pencils and crayons.

Where I’ve Been This Week (On the Net)
The Heart of a Pastor on Ministry model vs Business model (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)
John Muenier on Jesus for the educated and the intelligent
Damian on Confession, humility, and identification
Garreth Higgs on What is church anyway?
Olive Morgan on Do we need Methodist membership tickets?
Allan R. Bevere on Does the Church confuse charity with mission?

The Week Ahead
As I have already said, I have three church councils, but it’s my last week before my Autumn holiday.  April and I are away from Sunday.  I am looking forward to it.  Still, lots to before that.

And now a flagrant rip off from The Bugle podcast (the first and only audio newspaper for a visual world):

This week’s forecast:  how tired will I be after three church councils in 8 days?  I forecast ‘very’.  Feel free to leave your own forecasts in the comments.


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