Through a Wave of Girl Guides on the Way to Property

On the way to a property committee meeting at Wilpshire Methodist Church, I had to pass through 20+ girl guides (the UK’s version of the girl scouts).  Walking in the door, a few recognised me.  FYI, having a 20 month old makes you very popular with the 12-15 year old set.  Anyway, one stopped me and said, ‘I got locked in your toilet!’  To which I replied, ‘Yes, you did.  I tell that story to everyone.’  Her eyes got real wide as she asked, ‘You do?’  I told her, ‘Oh, yes.  Everyone thinks it’s hilarious.’  Then she told me her name, which despite her assurances that it’s ok, I will not repeat on the blog.

Then, I saw one of the other girls walk up.  She said, I did see you drive by the other day.  I said, ‘I know – I waved, but you were with your friends so you couldn’t wave back.’  She smiled and turned away, and said, ‘Well, I did smile at Savannah.’  I had to give her credit for her honesty, and then she said, ‘I’m talking to you now.’  After an encouragement wave to the guide leaders who were looking quite overwhelmed and hating the thought of sitting through a committee meeting with all the excitement going on in the Wesley Lounge, I made my way through with the girl that got locked in the toilet still shouting her name.


2 thoughts on “Through a Wave of Girl Guides on the Way to Property

  1. Thanks, Pam, but no. I am, after all, ‘the vicar’ and seeing that April is just as popular, likely for much of the same reason, nothing more than 12-15 year olds like babies and toddlers! Still, the girl guides are a lot more fun than property committees. But, that’s not saying much!

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