Maggi Dawn had this quote on her blog, and it has got me thinking:

Burnout comes not primarily from doing too much,
but from doing what we don’t really want to do –
so that one foot is moving forward
and the other foot is trying to run away.”
Dennis Linn – Sleeping with Bread, p.13

The trouble is finding ways to do what you want when you have others pulling you in other directions.  I don’t know if I picked this up from Duke and the pastoral books I read there, but I seem to get the impression one defined ministry by doing what you don’t want to do.  It seemed very much on the ‘negative’ side of Wesley’s Covenant prayer, forgetting that sometimes God calls us to do things that are very much in line with our natural inclinations.


2 thoughts on “Burnout

  1. GOOD QUOTE; I do believe that more often than not God calls us to places where our natural giftings and inclinations can be used, but there will always be draining stuff. I guess the key is getting the balance right!

  2. Exactly, Sally! That’s what I am working on. I am not trying to shirk the draining stuff, just looking for an outlet for the not-draining stuff. It’s been a challenge so far.

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