An Afternoon with Savannah at Sawley

Having a ramble in the abbey.

Having a ramble in the abbey.

Friday is my day off.  In the morning Savannah goes to nursery, but she spends the afternoon with me (April was working today).  It was just an absolutely beautiful day – a all too brief respite from the rain that has been here all week and will return tomorrow.  But, while it lasted, Savannah and I made a trip to the ruins of a 12th century Cistercian abbey about 12 miles away.  It’s in a picturesque setting by the River Ribble, long since destroyed by Henry VIII.  

No longer a place of worship, it makes for a great day out with an adventurous 20 month old.  She had a blast!  After an initial fright of the lawn mowers, I took her into what used to me the nave, set her down, and she gave her new signature, ‘Wow!’  She then climbed around on the low-lying walls, carefully climbing over them.  I was amazed at how she worked each wall, making sure she had a hold of the rock with her hand, and fitting her foot firmly in place.  Only when she was firmly steady, would she stand up.  I would try to reach out my hand and she would pull back, determined to do it by herself!  She happily explored for nearly an hour, chatting to herself.  Great day!


4 thoughts on “An Afternoon with Savannah at Sawley

  1. Really glad your enjoying the Lancashire scenery. We are really fortunate round here that we dont have to travel miles to admire Gods handywork. I like to think He was on top form when He created Lancashire. When you want to really treat yourself get Ray Borg to take you through the Trough of Bowland on the back of his motorbike – its a real blast. I hope Savannah hasn’t developed too much of a east Lancashire accent. love to April


  2. The Trough of Bowland is marvellous – and so is the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, when you have time to explore a little further. What joy toddlers bring to us!

  3. Dave: It is beautiful around here – only if it would rain less! Oh, and I am not sure about going with Ray on a motorbike: I’ve ridden in a car with him and his, ahem, own rules of the road!

    Damian: You said it! I hope she remembers some of it!

    Olive:: Yes, those are all beautiful areas, and if it rains less, I might see some more of it! And toddlers to bring joy – at least mine does!

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