Christian Singer Ray Boltz is Gay

Hopscotch-ing across blogs, I came across a post by Damian Caruana at Castle of Nutshells where I learned that conservative Evanglical singer Ray Boltz is gay.  I have to say that I was shocked to read it.  Listening to his music back in the late 80s and early 90s (during the heyday of my love for Christian music), it would appear to be a 180 for him.  Having myself somewhat left the culture that produces that kind of music, perhaps not surprisingly, I like the guy a lot more.  Of course this may still be surprising, given that I still lean toward the ‘conservative side’ on homosexuality (even if ambivalently).

Ray Boltz‘s songs were a staple of my playlists in high school (14-18 years old).  His song ‘Thank You’, about telling his Sunday School teacher in heaven thank you for bringing him to Christ, was what introduced me to him, and I can still remember a group of us sitting and crying together as we listened to it at beach retreat. I really connected with his song called ‘Shepherd Boy‘, the story of David and how God will see more in us than others.  At university, I came into contact with Christians outside of my narrow view of the faith.  There I didn’t question my faith wholesale (though it felt it at the time), but questioned the faith as I had been given it.

One of the moments where I found myself realising that my understanding of the faith had changed was when I went home for Christmas one year and the college Sunday school teacher showed Ray Boltz’s video of ‘I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb‘.  I doubt Mr. Boltz will ever find his way to my blog, but if you do, please forgive me when I say, This is the worse video I had ever seen.  It tells the story of a boy talking to his dad awaiting his execution for being a Christian.  Exactly why these people hated Christians is not explained. No understanding of Christianity being a counter-culture movement that threatens the status quo. Just the general evangelical slant, ‘the world hates us because we are right’. Watching that video, I knew something was different in me.  Having worked with Rev. Tom Wall at the Wesley Foundation at USC, I was beginning to appreciate the part of my faith long neglected – the social justice side. I have to say I could not listen to Ray Boltz anymore, and judgmentally cast him aside (the reason why I say I like him more now).  The songs he sang that I loved a few years ago now sounded more like the political dribble coming out of singers like Carmen (where Christians are threatened with having their ‘rights’ taken away – like prayer in school).

In an article about his coming out, Boltz said that he began questioning what he learned in his faith.  Thankfully, he hasn’t left the Christian faith (I long ago threw away the belief that no Christian can be gay), but is journeying on his new way.  I am glad to hear it, and I hope Mr. Boltz could forgive me for my earlier too-harsh estimate of him.  Now, he will have to endure much harsher criticism.  A quick search will lead to blogs and forums where such language as ‘disgusting trash’ is being used. Hardly what I would call Christian.  Blessings for the coming month, Ray, (it will be a tough time) and thank you. ‘Shepherd Boy’ really spoke to me in a time where I felt alone and not worth much.

9 thoughts on “Christian Singer Ray Boltz is Gay

  1. Will,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Of all the posts I read concerning Ray Boltz (I have to admit I’m not familiar with his name, although I’m sure in the relatively small word of Christian music I’ve heard it performed in a worship service somewhere), yours was the one most in touch with the message of Christ, and least intent on advancing an agenda.

    God bless,


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Damian, and for your comment, as well as your post. I don’t know if I am completely agenda-less, though! As you say on your blog, this is a much more complex issue than many want to believe. I don’t often talk about it, but the article I read about Boltz really touched me, and I pray the best for him.

  3. Ray’s songs have impacted many people. He definitely doesn’t deserve to be trashed or bad mouthed. However, he does need to be exhorted. I wondered what a conversation with him and Jesus would look like about this and wrote the following:

    It isn’t meant to be harsh, but just realistic based upon the Scripture and how we see Jesus interact with people.

    I too pray the best for Ray; that he would understand how God really wants him to live.

  4. Thanks Will for both your post and the moving article to which you linked. I hope he gets through the crap that will come his way. Oh and I agree about the “I pledge allegiance to the lamb” video – 3 minutes were more than enough!

  5. Shawn: Thank you for stopping by, and I agree that this is not the time to trash him. From your post, I do think we see from slightly different angles.

    Paul: It’s not going to be easy for him, at all. And, yes, that video is something else!

  6. kipram: Thank you for stopping by. While I’m not sure what you mean by a ‘link exchange’, you are welcome to post your link here, and you are welcome to link to my post. Hope you stop by again!

  7. I do hope Ray understands how much
    he broke the heart of Gods Elect. He
    seemed so genuine. His music
    totally. I felt my heart break when I
    heard he wanted to live in a perverted
    lifestyle rather than with his loving
    wife and children. We don’t have to
    condemn him, the word of God
    already has. My Bible says it is an
    abomination for a man to lay with
    a man and burn with lust. It says it
    in the old and new Testament.
    Please Ray, come out of the snare
    that the devil has you trapped in.
    Come back to Jesus before it’s too
    late and you die of aids. JESUS

  8. Ye that are spiritual, restore the fallen,because if day does not repent,he knows the truth his great music cannot change it.hell awaits,homosexuals will not enter the kingdom of God bless they [change] Repent..lpts of shorelines and false churches leading millions of their sheep to destruction,they are not shepherds,they do the deeds of their father the devil, who is your fathet,the one you follow God his commands,you that love him need his commands,many follow the devil,the world the crowd,leads to everlasting torment,weeping and lknashing of teeth it foes not mattee who ssys different Jesus changes not,,he will judge who followed him or their own way or liver church,there for your money,not your soul,they will be in he’ll also,but it won’t bring you peace or life..

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