Disciple Bible Study in British Methodism

My octogenarian blogging friend, Olive Morgan of Octomusings, has posted today that she has just begun Disciple IV, ‘The Tree of Life’.  Some of my readers know that I have struggled to get a foothold in the Blackburn Circuit for the Disciple Bible Study course, so it strangely warms my heart to hear of Methodists somewhere already on the fourth course!  I am a huge fan of Disciple – it is one of the best things the United Methodist Church has produced.

Olive, I pray that you and the 11 others on the course will have a wonderful time.

I am due to start one of the Disciple short courses on the Gospel of John beginning Wednesday.  Having run the 34-week Disciple 1, I have been unable to get many more takers for another course.  So, we will see how the shorter 11-week course goes.


2 thoughts on “Disciple Bible Study in British Methodism

  1. Thanks for the mention, Will. Yes, it certainly is hard to get people to commit themselves to a 34-week course. It sounds as if it could be boring and tough going, but we have found that we get a lot of enjoyment from our sharing together after the week’s study at home. On Monday I reported that someone couldn’t come but she had said,’But I’ve done the work’, and another member said, ‘Oh, I find this (our meeting together) the best part!’ No-one would ever say that our Disciple study is boring if they opened the door of our room and heard us all laughing!
    Why don’t you try what we are now doing, in more ways than one, and work across Circuit boundaries? We have training events called Fourways (four Circuits); we have two instances of ministerial couples where one of them is stationed in one Circuit and the other in a neighbouring Circuit! To get a viable number for our Disciple III course we advertised it across all four Circuits and the group was made up of members from three neighbouring Circuits.

  2. You’re welcome, Olive, and thanks for the suggestions. I have tried to extend it beyond the circuit boundaries, but haven’t found many takers. I haven’t made a full push on this yet, so it may be worth trying a more dedicated one!

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