T.N.Tea – the First Night

Friday night saw our first T.N.Tea at Wilpshire.  From what I have seen and heard, it went great.  We had 20-30 folk there for dinner, turned to ice breakers, and then ended with a discussion on what could happen in the ‘second half’ of the T.N.Tea evening.

The set up in mind for a typical evening has those who come eat together.  What happens after dinner can take different courses.  What April and I have described is a modified version of what happens on a mid-week dinner in a US church.  There, most church events happen on that night (most seem to choose Wednesday) and after the dinner, people break into the different groups.

This is where the British psyche is different than Americans.  Most in our churches couldn’t imagine it happening Mon-Thurs, so we chose Fridays.  Of course there are no regular church events on Friday, so we are offering opportunities for different groups to form.  Some may want a bible study/discussion group.  Others may want to do craft-orientated activities.  Some may even DIY (‘do-it-yourself’) around the church.  Or others could sit around the tables or even call it a night.  The primary focus is on the meal and getting together/forming a community around a meal.

There was a great feel to the evening, and I was able to talk to some who I had not really spent much time with.  We will run them in 5 or 6 evening sessions with breaks in between sessions.  I think we plan to run another one before Christmas.  The wonderful part of this is to see this be a church event and something that the minister is not in charge of!

If there is anyone out there with suggestions on potential evening activities, we will gladly hear them!


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