The Olympics are Over

It’s always a sad moment for me as I watch the Olympic flame slowly die out.  I get really attached to watching them each day for 16 days, and tomorrow I go cold turkey.  It’s hard to believe that the time can pass so quickly.  So, I will likely be in mourning for the next few days as I try to return to normal.

There is always the two-week event of Party Conventions in the United States and the sprint toward 4 November (of course without Tim Russert, the elections won’t have the same appeal!).  And College Football begins on Thursday (South Carolina plays NC State).  But, after the Olympics, it will take a while for the lustre to come back.

I do have the events surrounding the buildup to London 2012 to look forward to.  Here’s hoping London can put on a good show!


3 thoughts on “The Olympics are Over

  1. You seem to have forgotten the Paralympics which start next wek, I believe – but my question is –

    Why are these held AFTER the flame has gone out? Shouldn’t they have some of the buzz and excitement that the able-bodied athletes experienced in the Olympic village?

  2. I don’t know much about the paralympics (I didn’t even know that they were televised). I would assume that the flame is extinguished because the Olympics are over and the Paralympics have their own torch run, torch lighting ceremony. Again, I don’t know for sure.

  3. I’ve just had an interesting comment from my daughter who has spent many years in Vietnam. I said that I expected that the Vietnamese people had been excited about the extent of the Chinese victories, but she replied “South East Asian nations form a group and compete against each other regionally but in the Olympics they all felt left out against the might, size and money of China.” She went on to say that Vietnam (who only had 4 athletes competing) had won a Silver medal for weightlifting – a sport, she said, that was popular in poor countries because it required no outlay.

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