Still Around

I haven’t blogged in a while.  Part of this is due to not having any particularly religious thoughts, or a desire to write them (religious blogs seem to look down on writing about personal life, so I haven’t written about that, either).  The other reason is that I spend my spare time watching the Olympics.  I get quite invovled with them, and I will likely be going through withdrawals for the next week or so.  It’s amazing how I can get hooked on sports that I will not watch but once every 4 years!  It’s also interesting how patriotic I get.

So, I hope I will be back to my normal blogging form – that is, unless I still don’t have any religious thoughts and I am not willing to buck religious blogging orthodoxy and write about my personal life too much!

Countdown to Vancouver 2010:  539 days.


9 thoughts on “Still Around

  1. I, too, am lacking religious thoughts at the moment…unless, of course, all thoughts are ultimately religious…which is, if you think about it, more of a religious question than a thought…but, of course, questions require thought.

    So maybe I do have some religious thoughts right now.



  2. Natalie: That’s true! Now only 538 days!

    Wyman: I would respond, but that would take a religious thought and I don’t have any at the moment. 🙂

  3. In all seriousness, I’m tapped out right now, for some reason.

    I have little interest in anything.

    I think I was reading too heavily there for a while. Oddly enough (or not), it was 4 or 5 books of Trinitarian theology that (I think) brought me to this point.

    So I keep picking things up, reading a page or two, then growing weary of it.

    I did start Richard Baxter’s Reformed Pastor last night, so that I could add a good dose of guilt to my already stifling neuroses, and I actually really enjoyed it. Think I’ll keep with it.

    I’m also preaching through Genesis right now and am really enjoying the strange world of the first few verses of Gen. 1.

  4. Yes, I too am glued to the Olympics (except the boxing) and my blogging has had to be done only when there are no Olympics on my TV. So I’m afraid I’m going to be suffering from withdrawal symtoms next week. Roll on the Winter Olympics!

  5. Wyman: I think I am in the same boat. On my first week of holiday, I read three books straight and that may be part of what wore me out! As far as the Gamecocks, I am considering staying up late to watch the game. Since it will be early Friday morning and I have no where to be later, I can sleep later. Make a sign for me with EPSN as your letters – maybe the first word can be England!

    Olive: We’ll have to blog about the Olympics to start the weaning off – and then countdown to Vancouver!

  6. A phone call from my Minister during which he said he will be finishing the service on Sunday morning at precisely 11.30am made me realise that in my earlier comment I had got my times muddled! The closing ceremony of the Olympics shouldn’t make people stay away from the morning service but we don’t expect many to stay for coffee.

    I was sorry to see Great Britain slip down to fourth place in the medal table – but there were a number of times when our athletes were so close.

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