Four Year Anniversary

I would be remiss if I let today pass without acknowledging that four years ago today, April and I landed in the United Kingdom to begin what was a one year appointment in the British American Ministry Programme (BAMP).  Four years, two circuits, five churches, and one kid later, we are still here.  The day was absolutely beautiful, only to be followed that night by the only real thunderstorm I have experienced over here.  My superintendent Paul Davis (of the South Ribble Circuit) and our senior circuit steward Glenda picked us up from Manchester Airport and dropped us off at the Manse at Bamber Bridge.  What also stands out is that we were watching the 2004 Athens Olympics after we arrived.

It is unfortunate that BAMP got axed when the government was trying to keep out radical clerics who don’t speak English. Somehow, the Methodists got wrapped up in there (I guess that should be a badge of honour – we’re radical!).  I have heard there are attempts to resurrect the programme, and I hope so.  It was a great experience.


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