Back in the ‘Pulpit’

I always find it odd when I am away from leading worship for even two Sundays.  Normally, I would say that putting on the collar again is strange, but as I took part in my cousin’s wedding, for the first time I wore my collar on holiday.  It has felt like a lot longer than two weeks (of course, I haven’t preached at Wilpshire since the first Sunday in July, so it makes it feel longer).  In the past years, it has felt awkward – almost like trying to re-learn everything.  This morning, it didn’t.  Even with the weather as bad as it was, the service flowed more naturally.  

Walking in, people said they missed us and are glad we are back.  I joked with my organist that in Myrtle Beach we drove on a highway named after him (well, the middle initial was different).  We opened with ‘To God Be the Glory’, which the Wilpshire congregation sang with gusto.  We moved into praise and thanksgiving, and people seemed to want to share:  anniversaries and meetings with old friends. After the service, there was a buzz as people shared over coffee.  It was a lovely service.


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