Back Home: Goodbye Sunshine, Hello Rain

April, Savannah, and I have returned from our SE US tour.  We left sunny weather in the 90s and arrived to rainy weather in the 50s.  That sums up the weather situation!  We had a great time, and reminded us how much we miss our family and friends in the United States.  We don’t know how Savannah is reacting to being back in her house, as she went straight to bed. It is nice to be back in our own home.

I didn’t post as much as I thought I might.  I don’t know why I had delusions of granduer about posting, but it didn’t happen (sometimes, because I couldn’t always depend on an internet connection – other times, I was flat out too busy).  I will post later on some of the other parts of our trip, but for now I am going to recover from my holiday and watch the Olympics!


3 thoughts on “Back Home: Goodbye Sunshine, Hello Rain

  1. Welcome home, glad to have you back with us in England. It was nice for a few days whilst you were away but the rain came back a few days ago.

  2. Welcome back! The absence of blogs made me wonder if you had decided to stay in the US! Enjoy the Olympics – but don’t stay up all night, as my daughter’s Vietnamese students did when they watched the World Cup some time back!

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