Children can be Mean!

My little niece has run up against some unexpected resistance with friends.  She has been used to a certain relationship with a girl who is a year older (my niece is 5 years old).  Surrounded by other friends, her friend has shunned her.  At dinner tonight, she came up to me and said, ‘My friend said that I couldn’t look at her stuff or play with her stuff anymore.’  I was heartbroken for my niece.

So, I told her that her cousin Savannah was still young and that she would grow up soon.  When she did, Savannah would look up to her and want to be just like her.  And Savannah would share all her toys with her.  Then my niece just grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug.

I tired to tell April and my sister about this story, but got choked up every time I did.  It was so sweet, and hearing my niece tell me about how much her friend hurt her absolutely killed me.  I can only imagine what will happen when Savannah has to go through all this.


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