We’ve Landed!

Our LONG day of travel ended when we arrived in Opelika, Alabama, yesterday around 7 PM CST – that’s 1 AM BST!  We started out at 6:30 AM when our neighbours drove us to Manchester Airport.  Savannah handled the whole thing brilliantly, even if she was one exhausted little girl.  The customs officer entering Atlanta was extremely nice, but it still took us over an hour – partly thanks to everyone’s favourite game of ‘Will it-Won’t it?’ at the Baggage Carousel.  Luckily, we came out winners with both of our suitcases, but I think our baggage was the last to come off the plane!

It’s amazing the lengths the United States government will go to give us the idea (shall I say illusion?) that it is keeping us safe.  Not only did we check our baggage in at Manchester as usual, I guess the US doesn’t believe that Manchester did a good job at this.  So, we had to go through the whole process again in Atlanta.  Plus removing all shoes.  Talking about this with my dad later, he was saying that they give the impression that there is not trust of what other airports do, but then no one ever actually checks a bag when one goes through customs!  It is all reminiscent of what my ethics professor Stanley Hauerwas said of the government creating a fear and then convincing us that they are protecting us from it.

So having been cleared of all suspicion, we have been enjoying all that America has to offer – sweet ice tea, cheaper restaurant prices, fear that my dad is driving on the wrong side of the road, and the shock of forgetting that list prices of products don’t include tax.  Jet lag is still lingering, and it feels like it has been about 4 days since we left Blackburn.  Looking forward to a good two weeks ahead.  I will be blogging and maybe I will get around to writing all these deep thoughts I have been having!


4 thoughts on “We’ve Landed!

  1. Glad you arrived safe and sound. Take care and enjoy every minute of your trip. It’s been hot but we are also have some european showers.


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