Happy Fourth of July!

This is my fourth 4th of July outside of the United States.  I have almost forgot what it’s like to have a day where you cannot get away from the fact that it is a holiday.  Oddly enough, they don’t celebrate it at all over here!  Tonight at Wilpshire Methodist Church, we have a variety show and I hear the choir is going to sing some patriotic songs for me and April.  I doubt one will be “God Bless America”.

I don’t remember doing the same thing each year on this day, but it was the tradition for me and my dad to watch the film version of the Musical 1776.  So, in honour honor of Independence Day (and for my dad, who has been unable to watch this with me four years running), I offer this video from the said musical:  Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams argue what will be the national bird as they wait for Congress to read through the Declaration of Independence.


2 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!

  1. I’m so sorry you won’t get a chance to preach about the holiday this year. Last year I avoided it because it was my first Sunday. This year, I’ve been pulling my hair out to make it fit with the lectionary…which it doesn’t. Oh well, you get Remembrance Sunday in November. So it isn’t a total loss!

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