Books I’ve Received Recently

I begrudgingly read on Nick Norelli’s blog about all the times he qgets books in the post, and over the past two weeks I have been able to join in on the fun.  So, whilst he is waiting for his current order, I am going to let him live vicariously through me for once.

Isaiah:  A Commentary, by Brevard Childs.  I have wanted this commentary for sometime.  My Old Testament commentaries are a little light anyway and I would love to preach more on the OT.  Advent Year B is heavy on Isaiah and I am contemplating preaching those texts.

The Rhythm of Doctrine: A Liturgical Sketch of Christian Faith and Faithfulness, by John Colwell.  Read about this on Chris Tilling’s blog and he recommended it.  Colwell presents a systematic theology based on the liturgical year rather than by the creed.  Dr. Geoffrey Wainwright, my theology prof at Duke, laid out our systematic theology class in the same way.  Sounds great!

Two Eugene Peterson books:  Eat This Book and The Jesus Way.  I have come late to Peterson, but he is really good.  I am also trying to deepen my own spirituality, and the first book in the series, Christ Plays in Ten Thousands Places, has been great.

Gregory of Nyssa (Early Christian Fathers).  Another book I have wanted to get.  The Cappadocians are among my favourite Church Fathers.

The Bible and Mission: Christian Witness in a Postmodern World, by Richard Bauckham.  I have heard about this book, and I have enjoyed other things Bauckham has written.

So, I will have to enjoy it because I don’t know when I will get the chance to buy more books.  Well, it will take me a while to get through these!


3 thoughts on “Books I’ve Received Recently

  1. Congrats! Those last two look really good, and I also want to read something by Childs since I hear so much about him on Phil Sumpter’s blog. I hope you enjoy them while I wither away in despair, waiting for my purchases to arrive. 😉

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