Scot McKnight on Dobson and Obama

Evangelical scholar/emerging church writer (if that’s how you would describe him) Scot McKnight of Jesus Creed has posted his thoughts on Focus on the Family’s James Dobson’s criticism of Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama.  McKnight feels Dobson distorts what Obama was trying to say and that he didn’t fully listen to him.

If you know Dobson, then you know that anything he says of a Democrat will likely not be complimentary. Dobson seems to view politics through his narrow lens of homosexuality and abortion.  Social justice and environmental issues don’t make the radar, as these are far less important than the threat of the other two.

Dobson doesn’t seem to be as influential these days.  I think this will make for an interesting presidential election year in that regard.


2 thoughts on “Scot McKnight on Dobson and Obama

  1. Hi Job, thanks for stopping by. I don’t disagree with you. But, Scot’s point (and I would agree) that ‘social justice’ for Dobson, et al. is reduced to those two issues. Other issues that denigrate people outside the womb have been in the past have not been as important as keeping some understanding of fidelity to Republican fiscal policy.

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