It Does Not Pay to Be Forgetful

Our shower has been broken for two weeks.  I got the computer phone call yesterday to let me know that they would be by between 10 and 12 today.  This morning, I forgot that I had a Churches Together meeting.  As a reward for forgetting the appointment, Triton Showers gave me a £35 no access charge and a two week wait until they can come again.


3 thoughts on “It Does Not Pay to Be Forgetful

  1. I’m another culprit! On Thursday I will at last have my ‘new’ hospital shoes checked to see if they are suitable, but as the podiatrist remarked last week they are already in need of repair! It’s my own fault! I was given an earlier appointment, some weeks ahead, which meant that I forgot on the day and as a penalty have had to wait an even longer time to see the Consultant. In the meantime, the podiatrist has made one of the shoes comfortable by using foam inside the rim. Had I remembered the first appointment, I would have had a second pair made by now! I go to Scarborough at the end of next week – with, I imagine, my worn down shoe!
    I’ll see what happens on Thursday!

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