Savannah at Play

I don’t mean to fill my blog with personal stories about my family, but sometimes moments come when you don’t want to just let them pass without saying anything.  Savannah has had a busy week between April and I working.  We felt as if we hadn’t done anything for her.  The weather became too unpredictable for an outing to the park, so we took her to Little Treasures in Accrington (a town next to Blackburn).

We arrived inside and Savannah knew immediately that this was different and her kind of place.  April and I found a table to drop off our stuff and began to take off Savannah’s shoes.  While doing this, April and I talked about what we should do first.  Not coming to a decision when we got Savannah’s shoes off, Savannah dropped to the ground and headed on her way.  The whole scene looked like she was telling us, ‘Y’all talk… I’m going to play.’  She found her way to the bouncy castle, climbed on, and began laughing as she bounced around on her knees, trying to imitate the older kids.  We did have one slight problem when this older boy came up to her from behind and pushed her over really hard.  I think he thought he was playing, and it didn’t phase Savannah much – I don’t think she really knew what was happening.  April called him off and he went away.

Next, we took her to the ball pit, where she was determined to climb back out using the slide (which didn’t work), so she finally gave up and played in the balls (the same boy came up and threw balls at her head twice – luckily, it didn’t phase her, but April called the staff over and he didn’t bother Savannah for the rest of the day).  The older girls tried to teach her how to climb out using the ladder, but she wouldn’t see it.  We had to pull her out.  The older girls did manage to teach her how to climb through some tunnels.  She became quite the little dare devil by dropping through some of the other equipment.

It was so much fun to watch her play.  It was one of those moments where April and I could simply enjoy her (when children weren’t bullying her!).


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